Ach Mali Karma is Anne Marie Hjort Christiansen (violin, choir) and Carmelo Karma Nesci (voice, guitar & electronics). 

They play Medicine Folk Electro Rock Music For The Soul.

Karma and Anne Marie met at Muve, a rehearsal space in Copenhagen, before discovering their common interest in spirituality, meditation and dance.

Ach Mali Karma is for Anne Marie and Karma an opportunity to express themselves freely, while creating the conditions for both audience and musicians to feel safe.

Their music creations span from Nordic folk tunes to electro-beats with a hint of ethnic jungle jam.

Music and meditation have been for Karma his most precious companions during this lifetime, as a way to feel more, and kinda make sense of the world within and without. Medicine from the very start, music has been his first therapist helping him to discover and express his emotions. After attending Medicine Festival in 2022 he was inspired to devote himself to sharing his music with the world. 

Anne Marie fell in love with the violin when she first heard someone playing it at a family party, when she was only 7 years old. After many years of playing and studying classical and folk music, medicine music found her while she was at tantra festival in Poland in 2022. That was a way for her to feel connected to a bigger crowd in a less judgmental environment, while being opened by the music itself.