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Karma Nesci – Live at Emmylou Café

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Emmylou Café, Krystalgade 4, 1172 , Copenhagen

Come and experience an intimate live performance with Karma Nesci in the cosy atmosphere of Emmylou Café ☀️🎶

The concert starts at 15:00 and goes for approximately two hours with a break halfway through. It will be possible to buy coffee, tea, and other hot and cold drinks both before and after the concert, as well as in the break ☕️ The entrance will be pay-as-you-feel based, and the money goes directly to the artist. ———————— “The simple, yet profound lyrics provoked tears of recognition, laughter, reflection and resonance with my very essence.” “I like Karma’s warm chords and unusual, surprising progressions. His lyrics can be melancholic, but are generally hopeful, and always interesting. They are about life and the things that matter most. Karma’s songs are mostly original, but his version of Lou Reed’s Sunday Morning is, in my opinion, better than Lou Reed’s!” “Karma plays beautiful music from his soul and with such conscious and clear messages. It's very clear how musically talented he is, and his voice is so very healing. Karma shares his healing essence through his music and also his being which is why it’s such a gift to both listen and watch him perform. Always such a blessing, thank you Karma!”

From love, growing up and spiritual realisations to stories of people seeking for a better future, from uncomfortable conversations to dreamy lullabies you will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of scenarios and emotions during this intimate musical journey.

I look forward to sharing it with you through my voice, guitars and beats! Karma Nesci

Sofar Copenhagen

(CET, UTC+01) (CET, UTC+01)

Vesterbro, Copenhagen

3 different acts for a marvellous night at a cozy venue in Copenhagen. Sofar unique events happen in a range of venues. The exact address will be revealed 36 hours before the show.

KARMA NESCI – Live at Bofællesskabet Bauneholm

 — (CET, UTC+01) — (CET, UTC+01)

Bofællesskabet Bauneholm, Baunevej 23, Bendstrup 3400 Hillerød, Hillerød

Karma Nesci’s concert is a journey through sounds, songs, stories and genres. With his voice and guitars he will guide you into his sonic world through medicine music, folk, indie and bossa nova inspired chords, as well as Tibetan bowls, wind chimes, flute and kalimba. He plays songs from his recently released album Contemporary Landscapes, new numbers yet to be recorded and a few of his favourite covers. And there is always room for what will spontaneously come up in the moment. Soothing, mesmerising and dreamy are some of the words used to describe his music.

Entrance is donation based: Via Mobile Pay 91888875, Paypal or cash.

We look forward to welcoming you into Karma Nesci's sonic journey at Bofællesskabet Bauneholm!

Sacred Cacao & Medicine Music Ceremony (With Camilla Starling)

 — (CET, UTC+01) — (CET, UTC+01)


Join us for another magical evening where we will journey with the Sacred Criollo Cacao from Peru into our hearts, to connect with our souls. We will bathe you in soothing sounds, Tibetan bowls, Camilla's shamanic drum and we will activate our voices together, to later sing original medicine songs written and performed by Karma Nesci. It is such a desire to bring all our beautiful souls together to connect with the Medicine of Cacao and Music. It is a safe space where you are welcome to join in and sing along, bring your instrument, but you're also more than welcome to just listen and receive. We can't wait to meet, share, connect and sing together! We recommend you to: fast and avoid coffee for at least 4 hours prior to the ceremony, stay well hydrated, so please drink plenty of water before and after, and wear comfortable clothes. Camilla Starling is half Danish half English, and is a mother of 2 beautiful souls. Motherhood is what connected her back to her spirituality. She is educated as a Psychomotor Therapist, yoga teacher, chakra healer and Master in Rituals course. She has sat with sacred cacao and other plant medicine and is deeply connected to her untamed wild imperfect self. Connecting with her soul voice, movement and drum is a part of her medicine. Karma Nesci is an Italian singer-songwriter currently based in Copenhagen. After his journey with electroacoustic composition at the music conservatory in Bologna, folk music, Vipassana meditation, cacao and other forms of plant medicine, he felt called to blend all these elements into his music to serve as a vessel for a deeper connection to Source, and to invite the listeners/audience/everyone who's open to discover their own ability to be empowered and to self-heal. Register via Mobile Pay at 91888875 Energy Exchange: 333 kr If you really would like to attend but are in a difficult economic situation at the moment, don't hesitate to write us a private message; we'll figure something out. Connecting to our souls and with each other in a sacred space with the Medicine of Music and Cacao is such a powerful gift that wants to be shared with everyone. Blessings to you all, beautiful souls ✨ See you soon! Karma & Camilla

Sacred Cacao and Medicine Music Ceremony (with Camilla Starling)

 — (CEST, UTC+02) — (CEST, UTC+02)

Silent Mind Circles, Ved Slusen 21, Copenhagen

Join us for a magical evening where we will journey with the Sacred Criollo Cacao from Peru into our hearts, to connect with our souls. We will bathe you in soothing sounds, with Camilla Starling’s shamanic drum, wind chimes and Tibetan bowls, and we will activate our voices together, to later sing original medicine songs written and performed by Karma Nesci.

Contemporary Landscapes ~ Album Release Ceremony

 — (CET, UTC+01) — (CET, UTC+01)

Silent Mind Circles, Ved Slusen 21 2300 , Copenhagen

Hi everyone, I invite you to celebrate my debut album Contemporary Landscapes with a ceremony. Through sounds, meditation and songs we will embark on a journey within ourselves. It will be a guided journey and a co-creation, at the same time. We will celebrate the music I had the honour to bring to life, and we will contribute to helping our brothers and sisters, who are suffering not too far from here. To reserve your spot make a donation via mobile pay at 91 88 88 75. All the money will go to the Red Cross project in support of the civilians in Ukraine – I look forward to seeing you on Sunday 🤍 Love, Karma