Karma Nesci is the artist name of Carmelo Nesci, an Italian singer-songwriter, guitarist, electronic musician, producer, meditator and a wonderful human being (just like you) currently based in Copenhagen (Denmark). 

After his experience with Vipassana meditation and plant medicine retreats, he dedicates himself to be in service to unconditional, all embracing and non-judgemental love, aka Being/Flow/Universe/God etc. 
Karma Nesci does this through his music, guided meditations, sound journeys and cacao ceremonies. 

Born in Vibo Valentia, a small town in Southern Italy, he studied electroacoustic composition at the Music Conservatory G. B. Martini in Bologna, before diving, with a new understanding of the world of sounds, into singing and songwriting in 2012. 

Music brought him to live, compose and perform in Bologna, Helsinki and Amsterdam, before moving to Copenhagen in 2016, where he became an active part of the singer-songwriters’ scene of the Danish capital. 

His experience as a migrant and a dreamer as well as his child-like curiosity can be heard in Karma Nesci’s music. His songs tell stories of inner visions and spiritual realisations; refugees and people moving in search of a better future; love and the process of growing up through life’s challenges, lessons and lullabies. 

Soothing, mesmerising and dreamy are some of the words used to describe his music. 

Among the ever growing number of artists who inspires him, Karma Nesci mentions, in random order: The Beatles, Fia, Nessi Gomes, Alysha Brilla, Lenny Kravitz, Cleo Sol, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Sade, and many more. 

His first EP Liver was recorded in Amsterdam, and self-released in 2019. 

Karma Nesci’s debut album Contemporary Landscapes (March 2022), supported by Koda's cultural funds, has been mostly recorded and produced by Lucas Delacroix at Caveman Music Studios in Copenhagen, with the exception of a few numbers recorded at De Slapende Hond by Marcel de Rooij, in Amsterdam. 

Karma Nesci is currently working on his new album of original songs inspired by mindfulness and medicine music, which will be released as soon as the right record label will be found and the publishing deal will be made.