Sacred Cacao & Medicine Music Ceremony (With Camilla Starling)

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Join us for another magical evening where we will journey with the Sacred Criollo Cacao from Peru into our hearts, to connect with our souls. We will bathe you in soothing sounds, Tibetan bowls, Camilla's shamanic drum and we will activate our voices together, to later sing original medicine songs written and performed by Karma Nesci. It is such a desire to bring all our beautiful souls together to connect with the Medicine of Cacao and Music. It is a safe space where you are welcome to join in and sing along, bring your instrument, but you're also more than welcome to just listen and receive. We can't wait to meet, share, connect and sing together! We recommend you to: fast and avoid coffee for at least 4 hours prior to the ceremony, stay well hydrated, so please drink plenty of water before and after, and wear comfortable clothes. Camilla Starling is half Danish half English, and is a mother of 2 beautiful souls. Motherhood is what connected her back to her spirituality. She is educated as a Psychomotor Therapist, yoga teacher, chakra healer and Master in Rituals course. She has sat with sacred cacao and other plant medicine and is deeply connected to her untamed wild imperfect self. Connecting with her soul voice, movement and drum is a part of her medicine. Karma Nesci is an Italian singer-songwriter currently based in Copenhagen. After his journey with electroacoustic composition at the music conservatory in Bologna, folk music, Vipassana meditation, cacao and other forms of plant medicine, he felt called to blend all these elements into his music to serve as a vessel for a deeper connection to Source, and to invite the listeners/audience/everyone who's open to discover their own ability to be empowered and to self-heal. Register via Mobile Pay at 91888875 Energy Exchange: 333 kr If you really would like to attend but are in a difficult economic situation at the moment, don't hesitate to write us a private message; we'll figure something out. Connecting to our souls and with each other in a sacred space with the Medicine of Music and Cacao is such a powerful gift that wants to be shared with everyone. Blessings to you all, beautiful souls ✨ See you soon! Karma & Camilla