Karma Nesci – Live at Emmylou Café

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Emmylou Café, Krystalgade 4, 1172 , Copenhagen

Come and experience an intimate live performance with Karma Nesci in the cosy atmosphere of Emmylou Café ☀️🎶

The concert starts at 15:00 and goes for approximately two hours with a break halfway through. It will be possible to buy coffee, tea, and other hot and cold drinks both before and after the concert, as well as in the break ☕️ The entrance will be pay-as-you-feel based, and the money goes directly to the artist. ———————— “The simple, yet profound lyrics provoked tears of recognition, laughter, reflection and resonance with my very essence.” “I like Karma’s warm chords and unusual, surprising progressions. His lyrics can be melancholic, but are generally hopeful, and always interesting. They are about life and the things that matter most. Karma’s songs are mostly original, but his version of Lou Reed’s Sunday Morning is, in my opinion, better than Lou Reed’s!” “Karma plays beautiful music from his soul and with such conscious and clear messages. It's very clear how musically talented he is, and his voice is so very healing. Karma shares his healing essence through his music and also his being which is why it’s such a gift to both listen and watch him perform. Always such a blessing, thank you Karma!”

From love, growing up and spiritual realisations to stories of people seeking for a better future, from uncomfortable conversations to dreamy lullabies you will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of scenarios and emotions during this intimate musical journey.

I look forward to sharing it with you through my voice, guitars and beats! Karma Nesci