Karma Nesci’s sound journey is a mindful experience through sounds, toning, words and scents, where the participants can rest in a safe and non-judgemental space, while being guided through a meditation that allows them to connect to their bodies and minds. This initial phase is followed by an exploration of sounds that give space to each participant’s intuition to rise above the mind chatter, and show them what within their bodies and minds needs to be addressed. 


  • “The incense at the beginning brought me back to when I was a child and used to do rituals with my parents. The toning made me feel a strong sense of energy that wanted to be released through my head” 
  • "I felt more centered after the session, and grounded. I also had more realistic and relaxed thoughts for couple of days afterwards. And had a realization of a need quite in the end" 
  • "I think you have a gift: just your presence; walking through the room with the incense, you were creating a magical atmosphere, setting the tone to send me into a deeper space"